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Where should each MBTI live? In this article, we will look at all the different MBTI personality types and what place suits them best to live in. MBTI is an abbreviation for Myer-Briggs Type Indicator.

While they may not always be fully accurate, personality assessments serve well as a starting point for self-discovery by presenting outcomes that you may not have concluded on your own.

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List of places where MBTI should live

Following is the list of places which are suitable for respective MBTI personality types:

MBTI TypesWhere they should live
ISTJWashington, DC. Seattle, USA
ESTJHouston, Texas. Shanghai, China. Berlin, Germany
ISTPPhoenix, Arizona. Queenstown, New Zealand
ESTPLas Vegas, Nevada. Cape town, South Africa
ISFJCharlotte, North Carolina. Zurich, Switzerland
ESFJAtlanta, Georgia. Los Angeles, USA
ISFPNew Orleans, Louisiana. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ESFPLos Angeles, California
INFJDenver, Colorado. Paris, France
ENFJNashville, Tennessee. Florence, Italy
INFPPortland, Oregon
ENFPBrooklyn, New York. San Francisco, USA
INTJBoston, Massachusetts
ENTJChicago, Illinois. New York, USA
INTPSeattle, Washington. Silicon Valley, USA
ENTPSan Francisco, California. Hong Kong

What are MBTI Dimensions & Personality Types?

The theory of personality types by Myers and Briggs teaches us that apparently unpredictable changes in the behavior of people are simply very predictable, because they are due to fundamental distinctions in the way people approach key aspects of thought, behavior, and interaction


The word personality is rooted in a Latin word ‘persona.’ The word persona refers to a theatrical mask work by performers in order to either look a definite way or disguise their characters. Carl Jung highlights the idea of “collective unconscious.” This notion refers to the innate psychological dispositions of all human beings.

Four Key Dichotomies

There are four dichotomies including 2 opposing styles each, which makes a total of 8 different styles. The 8 styles are Extraversion (E), Introversion (I), Sensing (S), iNtuition (N), Judging (J), Perceiving (P), Thinking (T) and Feeling (F). Once it is determined what an individual style for the four dichotomies is, a four letter code is obtained. These four letters are the initials of each of the preferred styles.

  • MBTI Dichotomy – Introversion vs. Extraversion (I/E)

Function: How individuals get their energy?

Description: By spending quiet time alone or with a small group, introverts are energized. They seem to be more thoughtful and reserved. By spending time with individuals and in busy, productive surroundings, extraverts are energized. They seem to be outspoken and more verbal.

  • MBTI Dichotomy – Sensing vs. iNtuition (S/I)

Function: How individuals take in the information?

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Description: Sensors rely on their five senses and are interested in data that they can see, hear, and so on directly. They prefer to be hands-on students and are frequently characterized as “practical.” A more abstract level of thought focuses on iNtuitive; they are creative and more interested in ideas, patterns, and explanations.

  • MBTI Dichotomy- Judging vs. Perceiving (J/P)

Function: How individuals make decisions?

Description: Judgers enjoy structure and order; they like organized stuff, and they hate last-minute revisions. Flexibility and spontaneity are valued by perceivers; they want to leave open things so they can change their minds.

  • MBTI Dichotomy –Thinking vs. Feeling (T/F)

Function: How individuals organize their world?

Description: Thinkers, in their heads, prefer to make decisions; they are interested in making the most rational, fair option. Feelers prefer to make choices in their hearts; they are interested in how people will be influenced by a decision, and whether it suits their beliefs.

List of MBTI Types

The above mentioned method of obtaining combination can yield 16 possible personality types:

MBTI TypesAbbreviations
ISTJIntroverted – Sensing – Thinking – Judging
ESTJExtraverted – Sensing – Thinking – Judging
ISTPIntroverted – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving
ESTPExtraverted – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving
ISFJIntroverted – Sensing – Feeling – Judging
ESFJExtraverted – Sensing – Feeling – Judging
ISFPIntroverted – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving
ESFPExtraverted – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving
INFJIntroverted – iNtuition – Feeling – Judging
ENFJExtraverted – iNtuition – Feeling – Judging
INFPIntroverted – iNtuition – Feeling – Perceiving
ENFPExtraverted – iNtuition – Feeling – Perceiving
INTJIntroverted – iNtuition – Thinking – Judging
ENTJExtraverted – iNtuition – Thinking – Judging
INTPIntroverted – iNtuition – Thinking – Perceiving
ENTPExtraverted – iNtuition – Thinking – Perceiving

Where should each MBTI live?

Cities possess distinctive characteristics with dynamic and multi personalities, like individuals, where no two are like each other. When you get older, choosing the right place to live is a tricky choice.

You also want to explore a city that suits your beliefs and everyday life, while you want to find the best place for your career. Although you might look for ideas from friends or family, we recommend choosing a science-based home.

After looking at the Myers-Briggs breakdowns, for each individual character, the best cities are seen.

ISTJ – Introvert Sensing Thinking Judging

  • The Enforcer/Logistician

Owing to their proper composure, ISTJs can be a little intimidating. They love old-school ideals such as honor, patience, and social responsibility, after all.

They are secretive, uphold laws, and take pride in the job. These traditionalists are very analytical and can be trusted to enforce a deadline at all times. With an analytics eye, ISTJs might love to work in the commercial major hub.

ESTJ – Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging

  • The Boss/ Executive

ESTJs are coordinated and committed people who are not afraid of becoming leaders. They are also considered to be upright citizens and people regularly look to them for guidance.

Executives are hard employees who feel that it is important to win status.

ISTP – Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

  • The Engineer/ Virtuoso

ISTPs have a little bit of secrecy about themselves. They are brave and realistic people, and they can also be very spontaneous.

Many Virtuosos, lovers of hands-on work, end up in jobs as mechanics or engineers. Via trial-and-error, they test concepts and can be very mysterious when discussing their work.

ESTP – Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

  • The Negotiator/ Entrepreneur

ESTPs are folks with networkers who understand how to make friends quickly. They enjoy being the center of attention and, fortunately, their strong suit is conversation. The entrepreneur will always look before jumping, live in the moment, and pursue his own moral compass.

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ISFJ – Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging

  • The Philanthropist/ Defender

ISFJs, recognized as philanthropists, are often prepared to lend a helping hand. They are kind, warm-hearted individuals, while they are introverts, who love to bring peace to those around them.

They are quite caring and will be very active with their culture.

ESFJ – Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging

  • The Guardian/ Consul

Stereotypic extroverts are ESFJs. They are social butterflies who need to connect with other individuals. Consuls are often very common, big schedulers who like to build social events for friends and family.

Social butterflies flock to places full of art, increasing trade, and plenty of entertaining things to do. ESFJs will brave the cold and spread positivity around with their cheery personalities.

ISFP – Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

  • The Artist/ Adventurer

ISFPs are free-spirited people with a desire to discover and push their interests, known as the artist.

Through their aesthetics and acts, they are not afraid to shake up social norms, but they still need time to recharge themselves.

ESFP – Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

  • The Traveler/ Entertainer

ESFPs enjoy the limelight, actively researching and sharing with others their observations. They’re not, however, an especially greedy personality. Even though they like to be the center of attention, their warm and compassionate nature leads many people to like them.

They’re always the first to suggest going to discover the newest exciting thing in town to bring a party together.

INFP – Introverted iNtuition Feeling Perceiving

  • The Poet/ Mediator

True idealists, in any case, INFPs always pursue the positive. They love to spend time alone in the world around them in order to examine and instill deeper meanings.

Despite being shy people, mediators are enthusiastic people who can come out of their shell with those who are not afraid of metaphors and ideas to discuss.

ENFP – Extraverted iNtuition Feeling Perceiving

  • The Romantic/ Campaigner

ENFPs are imaginative individuals who enjoy searching between the lines and discovering connections all over the world. They may be the life of the group, but they also value strong, personal relationships with others.

In that way, they are both ardent romantics and a free spirit of excitement.

INFJ – Introverted iNtuition Feeling Judging

  • The Advocate

With big ideas and a wide imagination, INFJs are imaginative visionaries. This form of personality is not afraid to question what is under the surface or the status quo with a specific way of looking at the world around them.

INFJs are not afraid to fight and seek to make a more fair world with what they believe in.

ENFJ – Extraverted iNtuition Feeling Judging

  • The Muse/ Protagonist

ENFJs are charismatic people who enjoy reaching out and interacting with their groups as natural-born leaders. Such strong characters aim to encourage others to do their best and are not afraid to speak their minds.

ENFJs are not afraid of placing their faith in people and making those around them resonate with their altruism.

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INTJ – Introverted iNtuition Thinking Judging

  • The Iconoclast/Architect

INTJs are typical introverts who work alone and are perfect. The architect enjoys analyzing theories and evidence as a lifelong learner.

They are strategic thinkers who love to have a strategy for it all. They may also be iconoclasts and can question the status quo.

ENTJ – Extraverted iNtution Thinking Judging

  • The Director/ Commander

ENTJs are highly logical personalities who concentrate on the outside world, but have a high sense of intuition as well. This combo makes them self-starters who like being in control of themselves.

Challenges are seen as opportunities for progress and are continually in the pursuit of success.

ENTJs are also attracted to the entertainment world, where they may be managers and producers.

INTP – Introverted iNtution Thinking Perceiving

  • The Professor/ Logician

INTPs are known for their amazing ideas and new discoveries, which are highly logical, but still genuinely imaginative. They can read individuals and trends quickly, often finding inconsistencies that they can question.

INTPs are constantly arguing ideas in their minds, constantly dreaming. If their ideas are questioned; they can be quite polite but are often quite defensive.

Such ambitious academics will excel as educators, when it’s freezing out there, wouldn’t mind writing out their next thesis.

ENTP – Extraverted iNtution Thinking Perceiving

  • The Innovator/ Debator

An ENTP is a person with an intelligent and rational mind who enjoys mental stimulation. They are, in truth, sometimes coined as advocates of the devil. ENTPs are not afraid of solving problems and going through their claims in depth.

They do prefer to be among like-minded people because they are extroverts. The technology world is the ideal place for them to succeed, with their strong need to change the status quo and the opportunity to communicate with fellow visionaries.


In this article, we looked at all the different MBTI personality types and what place suits them best to live in.

Happy Reading!

FAQs: Where should each MBTI live?

Which places should ENTP live in?

Preferred places for ENTP are: San Francisco, California. Hong Kong

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Which places should ISFP live in?

Preferred places for ISFP are: New Orleans, Louisiana. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Which places should ESTJ live in?

Preferred places for ESTJ are: Houston, Texas. Shanghai, China. Berlin, Germany

Which places should ENFP live in?

Preferred places for ENFP are: Brooklyn, New York. San Francisco, USA

Why are ENFJs called protagonists?

ENFJs are charismatic people who enjoy reaching out and interacting with their groups as natural-born leaders. Such strong characters aim to encourage others to do their best and are not afraid to speak their minds. ENFJs are not afraid of placing their faith in people and making those around them resonate with their altruism.

What are INFJs like?

With big ideas and a wide imagination, INFJs are imaginative visionaries. This form of personality is not afraid to question what is under the surface or the status quo with a specific way of looking at the world around them. INFJs are not afraid to fight and seek to make a more fair world with what they believe in.


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